This month’s SpotLight is on the newly developed donor option,

Host A Fundraiser

Advocate Hosted Event

SpotLight is a new page introduced in this issue for the first time, highlighting a special interest topic each month. This month’s topic is one of the new ways to give that D+E+I has developed and is now promoting, the Advocate Hosted Event. This new donor option is available to use now, and in fact already has two events planned, one on May 30, 2018 and the other on June 20, 2018 [see below for information on the Advocate Hosted Event scheduled for May 30, 2018].

The idea is simple…host a party! More specifically a donor party with YOU as the impeccably savvy host or hostess. To help you make this as easy as possible to set up and run smoothly  D+E+I has created a simple step-by-step 10 page manual, complete with a sample flyer and sign up sheet. All you have to do is decide when & where and which of your friends you want to invite to YOUR savvy soiree!